Welcome to Woodside Illustrations

Welcome to Woodside Illustrations. Check out our galleries for examples of our art.

What we do- Woodside Illustrations Spends most of its time traveling around the world to Comic cons, Gaming shows, and Science Fiction/Fantasy Conventions Including GenCon, DragonCon, and The Star Wars Celebrations. See our Convention Page for a full list of our show schedule. When we don’t have a convention Woodside Illustrations works on a wide variety of projects including commissions that we gather during the convention season.

Who we have worked for- Woodside Illustrations has worked for a wide array of businesses including Wizards of the Coast, Lucas Film on Star Wars projects and Indiana Jones projects. TOPPS trading cards on limited edition sketch cards such as Star Wars Revenge of the Sith, Lord of the Rings Masterpieces II, Lord of the Rings Evolutions, Heroes Season 2, Indiana Jones 4. We have worked for Iron Fortress for catalog illustration and design. We have worked for the Author Clifford D. Cope on his children’s books including “Caleb the Mouse Engineer” and other works in progress. We have worked for Emerald City Expeditions and Reality Blurs on Role playing books including “Oz Dark and Terrible” “RunePunk” and “Iron Dynasty. “

We are always accepting new commissions.  If you have any questions or an art related job feel free to contact us at

Nihm16@hotmail.com for details of our process and pricing and availability.


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